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My Favorite Podcasts

True Life: I am a Podcast Junkie.

I attribute this to the days of old, or BC (before Covid), when I had a Mo-Fri two hour work commute. I did the train/boat shuffle for four+ years so you can imagine I have piled up the podcasts.

I will never forget getting on the train at 7:10 AM after trudging through the snow, coffee in hand (usually running late) and squishing into a three-seater with my friends (hi Krissy & Maria). We would put our knees up on the back of the seat, wrap ourselves up in our blanket scarves, stick our headphones in or open a book (or in Maria’s case, just pass the f out) and zone out until we reached South Station. Good times but neverrrr again.

Books will always be my #1 love but podcasts have been a really fun resource that I’ve enjoyed sprinkling into my days. From crazy true crime stories, inspirational chats with Oprah, daily news recaps, funny pop-culture commentaries, etc., podcasts are my jam. I don’t listen as much as I used to as I am now working from home and have eliminated my travel time (yay) but there is still nothing like popping in my AirPods and going for a nice, long beach walk with a new episode on deck. Instant mood booster.

So, if you’re already a fan and looking for some new shows, or if you’ve never even heard of a podcast before, feel free to screenshot the following lists for some inspo! As you’ll be able to gather from my bullet points, my preferred genre is true crime. I’m actually kind of shocked to see how many shows I’ve binged…

Not sure what this list says about me as a person but hopefully you can find something you enjoy!

Happy listening!

Xoxo Lulu

PS. Stars = my favs

PPS. Honorable mention by my cousin Shauna: The Orange Tree (I haven’t listened yet so can’t vouch but we can trust her).

True Crime:

  • My Favorite Murder***

  • Up and Vanished***


  • Bear Brook**

  • Chasing Cosby**

  • The Mysterious Mr. Epstein***

  • The Drop Out**

  • The Teacher’s Pet***

  • Dirty John***

  • The Clearing

  • Atlanta Monster

  • The Man in the Window

  • Someone Knows Something

  • Crime Junkie***

  • Not Another True Crime Podcast**

  • Criminal

  • Dr. Death

  • Happy Face

  • Finding Cleo

  • Root of Evil**

  • Your Own Backyard

  • Criminal

  • To Live and Die in LA

  • S Town

Health & Wellness:

  • Him & Her***

  • On Purpose with Jay Shetty

  • The Health Code

  • Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations**

  • The Goop Podcast

  • TED Talks Daily


  • Armchair Expert

  • Call Her Daddy

  • Giggly Squad

  • Skimm This

  • Spooked

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1 Comment

I have found that I love Podcasts too. I have not listened to many but I look forward to checking out your favorites. Perhaps you should consider criminal law 😂

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