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10 Things to Add to Your Diet & Why

Today I am rounding up a list of foods that I like to sprinkle into my meals, smoothies, coffee, etc., to give me an extra boost in nutrients. TBH, the likelihood of me sitting down and eating a bowl of spinach or kale are slim to none — I want all the minerals and vitamins that so many super foods offer, but I’m not willing to suffer through the gagging of consuming them in their raw form. SO, anything that allows me to sneakily add more nutrients into my diet, but in a subtle way, count me in.

Maybe you’re like me and secretly abhor dark leafy greens, or maybe you’re a grown adult with mature, developed taste buds and this post doesn’t really apply to you. Either way, there’s something here for everyone — even if it’s just adding a light dusting of cinnamon to your morning coffee or tossing some chia seeds in your water, you may find your new favorite go-to. So feel free to screenshot or write out a list for your next grocery run! All of these foods can easily be found at your local Trader Joes or even on Amazon.

Chia seeds:

+ High in fiber — 11 grams per ounce

+ Helps with digestion — promotes regularity & prevents constipation

+ Lowers blood sugar & cholesterol levels

+ Reduces risk of diabetes by “slowing conversion of carbohydrates to sugar and sugar to fat during digestion”

+ Rich in omega-3 fatty acids

+ Rich in antioxidants

+ High in protein

+ High in vitamins & minerals like niacin and thiamine B vitamins that "are important for turning the food you eat into energy and keeping your brain and nervous system functioning properly”. Chia seeds also contain manganese & phosphorus, “minerals that are beneficial for bone health, among other things”.

+ Good source of calcium — “A 25 g portion of chia contains 157 mg of calcium…more than that in 100ml of milk.”

+ Boosts energy — “It is said that Aztec warriors used to eat chia seeds for sustained energy and endurance. In fact, Dr. Axe says “just one spoonful of chia could sustain them for 24 hours.””

Chia seeds are one of favorite things to sneak into my diet. I put them in smoothies, on my oatmeal, sometimes even in my water.

They are one of the only things that I have on an amazon subscription as it literally gives me anxiety if I don’t have chia seeds in my house at all times.

I use these.

Hemp seeds:

+ Rich in fatty acids like omega-3s & omega-6s

+ Numerous antioxidant effects — great for heart, skin & joints

+ Complete source of protein (provide all 9 essential amino acids) — 30 grams (about 3 tablespoons) = 9.46g of protein

+ Great source of essential fatty acids

+ Low in saturated fats and contain no trans fat

+ Great source of fiber: 3 tablespoons = 1.2g of fiber

+ Contains lots of minerals and vitamins: Vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamin B-6, folate

+ Has antioxidant effects which could be linked to its CBD content

+ Boosts heart health

I like to put these in my smoothies and on my salads.

Pepita seeds:

+ Loaded with valuable nutrients: fiber, protein, vitamin K, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Copper, as well as antioxidants, polyunsaturated fatty acids, potassium, vitamin B2 & folate.

+ High in antioxidants

+ Linked to a reduced risk of certain cancers: “A large observational study found that eating them was associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Others studies suggest that the lignans in pumpkin seeds may play a key role in preventing and treating breast cancer. Further test-tube studies found that a supplements containing pumpkin seeds had the potential to slow down the growth of prostate cancer cells.”

+ Can improve prostate and bladder health: “One study in 45 men and women with overactive bladders found that 10 grams of pumpkin seed extract daily improved urinary function.”

+ High in magnesium & fiber

+ Can lower blood sugar levels

+ May improve sperm quality

I use these in my smoothies and on my salads.


+ Excellent source of fiber

+ Good source of high-quality plant protein

+ Rich in potassium

+ Rich in omega-3 fatty acids: “Flax happens to be the richest plant source of ALAs in the North American diet, making it a great choice for vegetarians and omnivores alike.”

I use this in my smoothies.

Blue Spirulina:

+ High in nutrients: protein, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, etc.

+ Powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties

+ May have anti-cancer properties

+ Can help with environmental allergies

I use this powder in my smoothies.


+ Anti-viral, anti-fungal & anti-bacterial

+ Supports gut health

+ May help manage blood pressure

+ Lowers blood sugar & risk of type-2 diabetes

+ Helps with the aging brain:


+ Potential prevention, management and treatment of cystic fibrosis, various cardiovascular and neurological diseases (such as Alzheimer's)

+ Aids in arthritis & joint pain relief

+ Reduces chronic inflammation

+ Powerful antioxidant

+ Has anti-cancer effects

+ Improved brain health

+ Could possibly help with depression: “Curcumin seems to benefit mood by increasing brain-derived neurotrophic factors,” says Dr. Jampolis

+ Can be used as a fabric dye (fun fact)


+ Aids in digestion

+ Packed with vitamins: vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium & fiber

+ Detoxifies body

+ Reduces inflammation

+ Reduces nausea

+ Helps fight viral infections

+ Prevents bloating

+ Improves bone health

+ Decreases cholesterol levels

+ Improves skin elasticity

+ Can aid in alkalizing the body

+ Strengthens immune system


+ Stimulates digestion

+ Lowers blood pressure

+ Reduces nausea

+ Reduces inflammation (relieves joint pain and arthritis)

+ Antibacterial properties

+ Can help reduce menstrual pain

+ Soothes migraines

+ Heals the heart: Treats a variety of cardiovascular conditions

+ Effective in treating asthma

+ Immunity-booster: reduces coughs & colds

Apple Cider Vinegar

+ Aids proper digestion

+ Detoxifies the liver

+ Strengthens bones

+ Reduces free radicals in body

+ Lowers cholesterol

Hope this inspires some of you to switch it up!

Xoxo Lulu

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1 Comment

Joe Ranney
Joe Ranney
Jan 28, 2022

I enjoyed reading this. I fully intend to add more of these foods to my diet!

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